Lasermech was born out of the very clear advantages of laser cutting as opposed to other forms

Lasermech can cut, bend, and fabricate almost anything in sheetmetal from a simple bracket to a complex electrical equipment enclosure.
We have MIG & TIG capabilities and coupled with our laser & pressbrake and nearby powder coater can offer a one-stop-shop when it comes to sheetmetal projects! We also have a guillotine capable of cutting up to 2500mm wide x 4mm Mild steel sheet.

We can workfromyour drawings or we can work with you to design your project in 3D CAD and then cut, fold, & fabricate it.

Lasermech’s vision is to be known as the mechanical engineering services business in Adelaide that provides its clients with on-time deliverables and great customer service.

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We can help you with your project from design through to the finished
product or any part of this process.