How thick can you cut?

We can cut up to 40mm Aluminium, Stainless, & Mild steel

Can you help us with part design?

Yes, we have many years experience with part design and more particularly as it relates to laser cutting and bending. Laser cutting provides so much scope in making part assemblies that go together faultlessly and quickly through the fabrication process.

What bending K factors do you work to?

Almost all of our bending is air bending so we use the standard air bending values.
For stainless and mild steel its 0.44 and for soft alumium its 0.40. With all but soft Aluminum, the V opening of the forming die determines the bend radius. With soft Aluminium, the material generally forms around the top tool radius which is most often around 0.8mm. If unsure please make contact with us to discuss your needs.

Can you help us with assembly?

Yes we can and do for a number of our customers from simple electrical boxes to complex finished products.